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Ferryland is a picturesque town situated on the southern coast of Newfoundland, Canada. Renowned for its rich historical significance and stunning natural beauty, Ferryland offers visitors a unique blend of cultural heritage and breathtaking landscapes. The town boasts a history dating back to the 17th century when it was one of the earliest English settlements in North America.

Visitors to Ferryland can explore its well-preserved archaeological sites, including the remains of the Colony of Avalon, which provide insights into the lives of early settlers and the interactions between European colonists and Indigenous peoples. The Colony of Avalon Foundation manages these sites, offering guided tours and educational experiences that delve into the town’s past.

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The Red House

The world famous red house right in the heart of Ferryland

The Ferryland Red House was immortalized in a 2017 photo while capturing a huge iceberg grounded in the waters near the community. Located alongside the archeological dig at the Colony of Avalon, we are the last house on the road to the Lighthouse built in 1861.

A traditional saltbox style home – our lovely Red House has 5 bedrooms upstairs and an ocean view from every window in the house. Come and explore North America’s second oldest community and stay right in the centre of it all.

Featured ferryland vacation rental

The Green House

Experience a bit of Newfoundland history in this stay.

The Green House

One of the oldest houses in Ferryland, the Green House sits on the former farm lands of the Colony of Avalon, a stone-throw from the ocean. It has remained in the owner’s family for more than 60 years, continuously modernized and cared for through generations.

Come together as the family always did. Right from the kitchen table whale watch while telling stories of your explorations and discoveries in this heart of the Newfoundland Irish Loop and the Southern Shore. The Ferryland Green House is a historic stay!

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